Angelica Panganiban to Carlo Aquino: “Huy, ang yummy ng muscles mo”

Fans of former lovers Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino have been waiting for their upcoming reunion project together but while the two are working on their move, they get to spend more time together as well.

In a video shared by Angelica in her Instagram stories, Carlo was giving her a bag of fruits but instead of getting it, she noticed his arm muscles instead.

Angelica can be heard saying: “Huy, ang yummy ng muscle mo. In fairness… Ang laki ng ano mo… Ahhhaaa!”

Angelica and Carlo’s reunion film ‘Exes Baggage’ is directed by Dan Villegas who also directed tear-jerker films like ‘Walang Forever’, ‘Changing Partners’, and ‘The Breakup Playlist’.

(Photo source: Instagram – @iamangelicap / Facebook – @celebritydesk)