Kisses Delavin gets surprise ‘sexbomb’ birthday greeting from Playhouse cast and crew

Kisses Delavin has been busy working on several television and movie lately but her co-actors and the staff of upcoming television series ‘Playhouse’ did not forget her special day.

In a video posted on Instagram, Kisses got a surprise ‘sexbomb’ birthday greeting in advance from Angelica Panganiban, Smokey Manaloto, Nadia Montenegro and the rest of the crew on the set of the television series.

The crowd can be heard cheering while imitating the sexbomb girls: “Birthday na ni Kisses! Birthday na ni Kisses! Birthday ni Kisses ngayon! Get, get, aw! Happy birthday sexbomb Kisses!”

The cast and crew then teased her for an ice cream treat.

Kisses is set to celebrate her 19th birthday on May 1.

(Photo source: Instagram – @officialnadiam)