Michael V inspires netizens with his ‘Bitoy Story’ video

Michael V popularly known as Bitoy might be someone who leaves people laughing with his hilarious jokes and antics but when it comes to serious matters and life lessons, he never fails to inspire as well.

In his recent video blog, Bitoy talked about how living one’s life to the fullest is more important than material things.

In his YouTube video, Bitoy shared the story of his friend who loves collecting sneakers just for display but later died without being able to enjoy his shoes.

He then related the story with the term ‘YOLO’ which means you only live once, and discussed the importance of life over material things.

His video was shared on Facebook which already gained more than 580K views as of writing.

(Photo source: YouTube – Michael V. #BitoyStory/ Facebook – @CharotismOfficial)