Mikael Daez spends sweet time with Megan Young in bed but they are not alone

‘The Stepdaughters’ stars and real-life couple Megan Young and Mikael Daez are taking a short break from work as they spend sweet time together in Paris.

In a video shared by Mikael on Instagram, he was seen lying in bed beside Megan, saying: “Just the two of us, together in bed, romantic in Paris..”

However, as he panned the camera, he showed his brother also lying beside them and another brother across them.

He wrote: “Parang honeymoon lang kami ni Bonez sa Paris! Sweet-sweetan lang………pero kasama ang mga kapatid ko! Nyahahahaha!!! #theveryawkwardkuya #parangawkwardrinsibonez #inparisnomalice”

The video already gained more than 16K views in just an hour.

(Photo source: Instagram – @mikaeldaez)