Nico Bolzico pranks Solenn and Erwan Heussaff with a ‘cheese platter’ made with soap

Nico Bolzico has always been netizens’ main man when it comes to anything hilarious and he never disappoints.

In his recent video shared on Instagram, Nico just pulled off the most unexpected prank to his wife Solen Heussaff and brother-in-law Erwan Heussaff as he made them eat soap without them noticing.

He tricked Solenn and Erwan with his appetizing ‘cheese platter’ dressed with olive oil and oregano.

It turned out that the ‘cheese’ was actually a bar soap for clothes which he cut into cubes.

He wrote in the video’s caption: “@erwan keeps bullying, recently he made me into a reindeer; so it was time to remind him that you don’t mess with #ElBolzico… Sorry Bebu @solenn, you were collateral damage, I didn’t know you were shooting with Erwan today!
Executing a perfect prank is better than two mothers!
Disclaimer: I checked before and the soap is not toxic for humans, even if the swallow it!
Disclaimer for kids: do not try this at home! Eating soap is really bad!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @nicobolzico)