Solenn Heussaff shows how ‘fake’ social media posts could be

Kapuso actress Solenn Heussaff has been slamming bashers especially body-shamers on social media after her recent post with her sister-in-law Anne Curtis received ‘fat’ comments from netizens.

In one of her recent blogs, Solenn talked about how some social media post seemingly depicting ‘perfection’ might not be what people think it is.

Solenn shared a photo of her on Instagram, revealing the retouches she did to achieve the ‘perfect’ picture for social media.

She wrote: “Edited? YES. Deformed? YES. Retouched? HELL YES. Over saturated? YUP. And the list goes on.
Shot this video a few weeks ago to post later on, but i feel now is a good time with recent articles, peoples comments and questions. Please take the time to read my article on SOLENN.PH and watch the video that lead to this ‘We Definitely DONT wake up like this’ photo.”