Tone Those Muscles in the Office

Sleepy afternoon in the office? Don’t fret! The team at Bright Side shows us how to get that blood flowing and get yourself energized with these subtle (kind of) moves that you can do right from your work desk.

1. Desk push ups

You can use your desk as leverage while making sure that your body is still a straight diagonal line. Just make sure that your desk is sturdy enough to support your body weight. It’ll help a lot of your desk were leaning against a solid wall.

2. Sitting down reach-ups

Start out by sitting on your desk chair like usual, lace your fingers together and stretch your arms and hands so that the back of your hands are facing your chest. With your arms outstretched like this, arch your back while reaching your arms up in a stretching position. Bring your hands back down and repeat.

3. Squats

You can do squats from your desk too. Grab something that’s somewhat heavy like a big paper puncher or a pile of papers you don’t need anymore and squat down until your butt reaches your desk chair. Totally unnoticeable *wink*.

4. Standing donkey-kicks

Start by standing straight on both feet, using your desk chair as leverage for the exercise, make sure that your chair can stand firmly in place. Be wary of wheels on office chairs! Raise your legs backwards – like you’re kicking backwards. Repeat this on the other leg.

5. Reverse crunches

Sitting down on your desk chair, make space for your knees to reach up to your chest if possible, and place your hands on your desk for leverage. Bend your knees reaching as close to your chest as possible, make sure to engage your core for this exercise so that the workout doesn’t go to waste.

An inconspicuously healthy way to kill time or wake yourself up at the office – see how these moves work for you and get to toning!

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