WATCH: Alwyn Uytingco captures sweet moment between Jennica Garcia and their daughter Mori

Couple Alwyn Uytingco and Jennica Garcia Uytingco now have a family of four as they recently welcomed their second baby Alessi.

While they have been balancing their time for thir two kids, the celebrity couple make sure to spend quality time with their first child Mori even in their simplest way.

In his Instagram account, Alwyn captured a sweet moment shared by Jennica and Mori while they were eating apples and watching airplanes in the sky.

He wrote: “Kain ng mansanas. Nuod ng eroplano sa langit.” @jennicauytingco #PamilyaUytingco #MoriMoments #Recharge”

Jennica gave birth to her second baby last june 2018.

(Photo source: Instagram – @alwynzky)