WATCH: Angeline Quinto’s mama Bob gets excited over blue bills

Angeline Quinto has already proven herself when it comes to her talent in singing but despite her successful career, she still finds joy in the simplest things.

In he recent Instagram post, Angeline shared a video of her mama Bob who got excited as she got her hands on 1000-peso bills that were given to her.

Mama Bob who was concentrating while counting the bills did not let Angeline, who just volunteered to count the money for her, touch the bills even once.

Angeline wrote in the caption: “Tag mo yung nanay mong nabigyan lang ng pera, wala nang kilala 😂 Hahaha
@eriksantos Ate @cyndyroque ❤️ Bigay ni Tita Lily😅😂😇 #ThankyouLordforeverything💕”

Mama Bob is Angeline’s adoptive mom.

(Photo source: Instagram – @loveangelinequinto)