WATCH: Anne Curtis screams hysterically over Vhong Navarro’s hilarious prank


Anne Curtis and Vhong Navarro are two of the closest among the hosts of the noon time show “It’s Showtime”.

Having been working with each other for several years now, Anne and Vhong already know each other’s personality and know exactly how to make each other’s day a little more special.

In a video shared by Anne on her Instagram stories, Vhong was able to pull a hilarious prank at her, leaving her hysterically screaming out of shock.

Vhong imitated the sound made by a hawk and screamed at Anne who was walking towards him. She then got startled and screamed as well before realizing that Vhong was just goofing around.

Anne wrote in the video’s caption: “Ung kaibigan mong Alam nagkape ka pero gaganituhin ka pa rin!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @vhongx44/ @annecurtissmith)