WATCH: Scarlet Snow Belo sings “Tatlong Bibe” for her nephew Baby Hunter


Adorable celebrity baby Scarlet Snow Belo, no doubt, brings joy not only to netizens but also to her family including her nephew, Cristalle Belo’s baby boy Hunter.

In a video shared on Scarlet’s Instagram account, she performed an adorable song and dance number for baby Hunter to the tune of the Filipino children’s song “Tatlong Bibe”.

Scarlet gave an all out performance for baby Hunter who was left staring at her.

The video’s caption says: “Baby Hunter is staring at me like I’m so weird, but that’s fine. I think it’s okay to be weird. Weird is fun.šŸ°”

She later ended her number with a sweet kiss on baby Hunter’s cheek.

(Photo source: Instagram – @scarletsnowbelo)