WATCH: This is what Drew Arellano does to have Primo’s haircut


Host Drew Arellano just knows what his adorable baby boy Primo wants in order for him to behave while having his haircut.

In a video shared on Primo’s Instagram post, Drew was seen entertaining the soon-to-be ‘kuya’ who was sitting on his lap while was having his haircut through flashing children’s videos on his phone.

The video’s caption says: “Mama and Papa don’t normally let me indulge in my fave YouTube videos but sometimes they get desperate 😆🙊 hihi… But hey! Who doesn’t like my new haircut?? 😆💇🏻‍♂️
Thank you Tito Fred! @hairshaftfred”

Drew’s wife Iya Villania is currently pregnant with their second baby boy, Leon.

(Photo source: Instagram – @antonioprimoarellano)