You’ve Been Wearing your Running Shoes Wrong All This Time

Well, you haven’t exactly been wearing them ALL wrong… but you haven’t been wearing those running shoes the best way possible either! The secret lies in those extra holes that we practically always ignore when we go out running.

Those extra holes at the top part of the shoe, the one usually without eyelets on them, are put there for a special kind of lace-up style called ‘the lock’ which acts as exactly that. It actually locks in your foot inside the shoe so that your foot doesn’t move around so much inside it. The friction created by your foot when it moves inside the shoe is actually what causes blisters on your feet after you go running.

This helps you prevent your feet from blistering by kind of bracing your foot and your shoe together for a tighter and cozier fit so you can run comfortably for however long you want.

How to do ‘the lock’ lace-up

1. Take the shoelace from each side and insert it in the extra hole on the same side – this creates a loop.

2. Take the shoelaces and insert them inside the loop on the opposite side so that the shoelaces are now crossed over and are inserted inside each loop.

3. Pull down on the laces until your shoe fits nice and tight.

4. Finally, you tie the shoelaces the usual way to lock the lock in place.

For a hands-on how-to tutorial watch the video below:

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